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# 1 Looking for an RP fleet.
03-22-2011, 01:30 PM
Hello all,

Well this is not the first time I am looking for a home, but I tend to look for my last home now, the game at a point it is good enough to keep me around regularly, now I need a community that can dot he same.

I am a long therm role player mostly in pen and paper format within star trek and some in several MMOs over the years. I lead currently 1 of such pen and paper games and I am starting up my second (see sig).

I am looking for an RP home that works with the game, I am however not looking for:

*1 RP event a week and than nothing
*Play Lt Jan Doedel the security chief (In this game we are captains, I like to play with that)
*Power hungry leaders

I am looking for:

*Strong RP community which focusses on RP above all special events or not.
*a RP fleet that truly is a fleet with the players commanding ships or an equal position.
*A good community with leaders that welcome feedback and keep and open book on why decisions are made OOC.

My character is Kiana Cerev a joined trill intelligence officer:

There is always something grey about Intelligence personnel and that does not mean their uniform colour. No they always seem to think differently and know so much more about the details behind things. This makes them always a bit distanced from the daily things and have a cold view on matters, it is a mind set they need to have to function in their work, for if they would feel everything they would soon go mad.

Kiana is no difference in this picture, she is sharp minded, slightly distanced from the things that happen and always well informed about the latest tactical plans to the local bar rumours. It is the sheer focus and dedication to know as much as she can that has made her successful in her career within starfleet intelligence. She believes that only with adequate information one can win a fight and most importantly the war.

“When I play chess, I see all the pieces, but my opponent will only see half of mine.” This she once said after a ensign asked her how she did become so successful behind the scenes and on the front lines.

Of course she is not without flaws, she is has more than once crossed the lines in her quest to know everything and secure the Federation. She does not work well with others who are on the same level as she is, she either reports or commands, but cooperation is not an option she will easily accept. And when she faces an enemy she does not know, she is more prone to violence than talk, for she does fear those she does not know.

Icly her main goal is gartering data, analyse it and make a report of it for others to use, secondary are combat operations. Her rank can be Captain or Commodore.

If you have the community you think that fits me than please contact me and if I agree I will do my best to be a good community member.


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