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03-22-2011, 02:01 PM
I m sorry i smell faulty eggs here. I m a tac, fly a BoP and a Defiant and use PH on each of these ships. Why ? Because it cleans out multiple tractorbeams thrown at you by Users and Mines. Its easy to whine about people always getting away with emergency power to engine and polarize hull ect..

Why not, everybody else gets away with a simple science team one to kill off scrambled sensors or with an engineering team 1 to counter Target Subsystems 3 ? Everything is still balanced enough because i say if my TSSub3 works without Engineering Team 3 or Emergency Powers to Shield 3 to counter it then most of the people who complain about using tractorbeam wouldn't be alive long enough to use that skill. I m sorry but thats how the game is, my TSSub3 works until somebody hits Emergency Power to shields 1 or Engineering Team 1 or pops a battery. Counters of the same Level are applied to the Tractorbeams in Game and unless you balance everything else there is no point of talking about it.

And yes BOP Users do use polarize hull maybe not all of them but from guys i know and play with every single one has it, lately since the spamming mines. My defiant has it too, waste of skill yes but necessary to survive.

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