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# 1 Mission flaws
03-22-2011, 11:47 AM
I just played my first episode mission and I loved it! The episode missions are highly praised and they deserve it, but I absolutely hate the old mission formats which are just tedious and badly designed. Case in point, exploration of Arucanis Arm was a mission that just ****ed me off and it is a perfect example of what Cryptic needs to remove from the game.

What I hated about the mission:
- Have to compete with other players just to nab anomalies to explore
- Too much senseless battle
- Bad designs

The worst was the final leg of the exploration where you had to have 10 items to give a planet. The people in my mission required 10 shield generators and I had... zero. I dropped that part and tried with another zone, but it was the same thing and then it was something like I needed 10 communication disks or something and it was just extremely aggravating to end the quest like that. I ended up dropping the entire quest out of frustration and now I'm hesitating to start any other quests because I don't know if they're going to pull this crap again.

I noticed that we could vote for foundry missions and I'm really confused that we can't vote for official missions! I'd like to know which missions are descent and which ones I don't want to waste my time with.
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# 2
03-22-2011, 11:59 AM
well if you would loke more carfull you would find a replicator where you can replicate the 10 items needet, these are one of my faverite Missions thay often give very Nice reward.
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# 3
03-22-2011, 10:57 PM
yes i agree in general that exploration missions need a huge huge deal in fleshing out. they are just way too basic.

but the one you gave as an example can be solved by going into your inventory and clicking the replicator tab at the bottom. then you can replicate the items you need on the spot.. that really is one of the easiest missions now. i just wish the people i met would invite me to the planet to show me what the problem is.. i have no idea if they are lying and if i give them weapons or shields.. umm do i really take their word for it.. they arent really a federation world.. i thought feds didnt share tech with outside species unless it was absolutely needed. lol

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