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I've been creating a lot of stuff in the Foundry on Tribble, but I haven't built a complete mission or published anything yet. I'm intentionally waiting for the Holodeck version of Foundry before I do that.

BUT I've planned out the first mission I want to create and publish with the Foundry on Holodeck. I'm just not sure whether it violates the EULA.

The DS9 Companion (and Memory Alpha) mention in the background information for the DS9 episode "Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night" that the writing staff's original idea for the episode was very different from how it finally turned out. They were going to tell the story of "ghosts" appearing on Deep Space 9, which were actually Bajoran children that a Cardassian scientist during the Occupation had sent into the future to save them.

However, they ditched this idea and instead wrote the episode we saw on screen.

I want to tell this story of the ghosts and the Cardassian scientist in my first UGC mission. But is this allowed?

I would not create likenesses of any actors from the show, etc. So no problems there. But I'm wondering if I'm allowed to take this aborted episode idea and write a UGC mission based upon it using the Foundry?

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