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I have only played a handful of MMO's in my life, starting with World of ********, I start in 2005, and went through every expansion they had, TBC, WotLK, and now Cataclysm. Also, in my life I have been a Star Trek lover. When I was a kid I would watch Star Trek: The Next Generation with my grandma, I remember my first Star Trek movie was Generations (I am 27). I was hooked young. I watched Deep Space 9 sporadically, but fell in LOVE with Star Trek Voyager (I have every season, hated Star Trek Enterprise though). So when I hear through Maximum PC that this studio, Cryptic, was making a Star Trek MMO, I was hesitant. Being a WoW addict I was used to a different type of game.

For a few weeks I even tried EVE Online, but it was confusing, the controls were clunky to me (being a wow addict I was used to AWSD type moving). But then came the info, the screenshots, the customization of your own starship. I got excited, and pre-ordered the game, and started it up on day one of its release. While excited, it kinda got slightly boring mission to mission (like WoW does leveling) but each new rank and each new ship I got more excited, till I got my FAVORATE ship of ALL TIME, Galaxy class! I moved to S. Korea (military) and stopped playing in about September.

Finally last week I was bored with WoW (just for a short period) and updated STO, boy did that take a while! But when I started up the game again, the new look of the sector space and stuff was cool, though I was hesitant about the boring missions, same stuff, different day. Then in Cardassian space I took on this diplomacy mission, I had to prove this guy was innocent when he was about to be arrested by the other guy (sorry can't remember the names). At that instant, I was like "oh cool!" So I failed the mission twice, teaches me a lesson to not use the laser on the artifact! It was fun, it was cool paying attention to the information and decided where to look next, it felt like, well, Star Trek. I have to say after about a 7 month break, I am thoroughly surprised at the updates and where this game is going.

So that is what I wanted to say basically, cheers to Cryptic for first, putting the fights in Star Trek, and second, for putting the Star Trek in Star Trek, lol. I don't think I can put this game away right now, today at work, all I thought about was getting back online so I can do more Borg missions! (still RA Upper Half like rank 1). Usually it's WoW or movies or something, but I just couldn't wait to hop back into my Dreadnaught Cruiser and start blasting away. Thanks Cryptic, for hooking me AGAIN! Anyone else pleased with how this game is going so far and the attention to detail that is being done? I know I am!
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03-25-2011, 06:40 AM
I came in kinda late... I resisted Pay to plays because I tried WOW and just did'nt get the addiction.. I mean big deal... But after playing this I get peoples addiction to to WOW now...

The reason I didn't get WOW is because it's not my Genre.. I just never got "in" to the whole magic/fantasy aspect..

But Star Trek... I get Star Trek... And from the moment I pilot a Miranda and slowly work my way to my Commander with a Cruiser? Oh yeah I'm hooked!

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