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Starfleet Liason passes on a request to ferry an unknown substance from the Hromi Sector of Pi Canis to Memory Alpha. This simple and rather dull mission gets rather more complicated when something mysteriously happens to your contact.

You have to work out what happened to the contact and prevent the same thing from happening to your own ship and crew? Are you up to the task?



Starfleet Experimentation is a combat-free mission that pits your captain against this unknown substance. Can you save your ship and complete your mission?

It is inspired by TOS, TNG and DS9 episodes where the crew are put up against some sort of disease, virus or unknown effect and they have to identify the cause and form a creative solution to the problem. I'm not really sure how long it will take you but should be somewhere around half an hour.

I hope you enjoy my first foundry mission (which will get ported over to Holodeck when it goes live) and any constructive feedback would be welcome.

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