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03-26-2011, 12:07 PM
Originally Posted by Iamid
Take TBR as an example of a skill which could be effected. I've used it in PuG matches against groups chasing a teammate to try and by time and distance for the teammate to escape. This action does little to add to dps and zero healing, but it may save a death. I've also used TBR to push a healer away from a wounded ally, again little damage and no real benefit to my score. On the other hand, I could just save my TBR for NPC spam situations and pair it w/an Attack Pattern to max damage for scoreboard/emblem bonus.
Attributed DPS counts as just as much as actual "direct" damage. That means that any time a teammate doesn't die because of something you did, they're in the fight doing damage or throwing heals that would not have happened, but for your save. You might not see actual direct damage or healing as a result of that isolated act, but your overall score is higher than it would have been. So if a crowd control ability allows you to continue doing damage, or do more damage, or avoid damage being done to yourself or a teammate (maybe avoiding a death and respawn), then that might be a more valuable skill for maxing overall damage or healing than another weak heal or 10-second burst damage buff.

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