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As evidenced by the amount of exclusive dev access given to fansites of all descriptions, Cryptic clearly value the efforts made by the community to spread the word of STO and other Cryptic games.

However, Fansites cost money to run, and it's a never-ending struggle to pay for hosting bills through adverts that most sane web-browsers automatically block.

So, let's share the wealth a little bit.

Create a scheme where fansites can sell Virtual Token Card codes on behalf of Cryptic. The fansite will then receive a cut of the profits generated from selling the VTCs.

How this will work:
  • Fansite registers with Cryptic as a reseller.
  • Fansite displays "Buy Virtual Token Cards here!" link.
  • Customer clicks on the link, taking them to a Cryptic website that's branded to look like the Fansite.
  • Customer chooses the number of Atari Tokens they want, and actions the transaction as normal.
  • Customer then receives a VTC code as if they'd bought it directly from Cryptic.
  • Customer is returned to Fansite.
  • HOWEVER, the Fansite's account receives a portion (say 10%) of the money taken from the Customer.

This lets Customers support their favourite Fansites while buying Atari Tokens, and provides a Cryptic-approved source of income to the Fansite owner.

Everybody wins.

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