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# 1 ATI Radeon Mobility 4650
03-05-2010, 07:07 AM
Hi Guys - Need help here. I have the above graphics but I'm having issues playing the game. It is telling me that the drivers need updateing but there arent any available on the ATI website. Moreover I can sort of 'play the game' but major angle issues and shadow issues and in some cases almost impossible to play. I have set the game on lower spectrum in order to play something. Is anyone else getting this problem or am I being thick here?
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# 2
03-05-2010, 07:23 AM
I have a Radion 4350 with a Gig of RAM and it works OK except in a few places like Solar Wind and some of the Nebulas.

In those circumstances I can get it to work by turning on the HALF RESOLUTION Option in th Games Video options menues.

I wonder if maybe you use the 4350's drivers it might help.

Alot of people are having ATI problems.

Then again maybe the reason I am getting by is due to having a full Gig of video memory on the card.

I am wondering what would happen if you tried loading the 4350 drivers on your newer card?

You could always try it and if no change then just switch back real quick.
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# 3
03-05-2010, 07:51 AM
ATI drivers are available from www, v10.2 are the current ones. Your GPU is a for a laptop, I suggest you goto their website for the drivers as the system may not acctept or recognise the offical ATI drivers. Many Nvidia mobile systems have the same issue to.

Only big issue for ATI cards is the dynamic lighting, leave it off or you may be taking a trip to the desktop...
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# 4
03-05-2010, 09:57 AM
The message you recieve is a known bug for some systems.
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# 5 Oops
03-27-2011, 02:53 PM
I wish I had read this thread earlier.

I went out and bought one Friday. I read the customer reviews and it seemed to be a very good card. I'm having the same problem as the original poster. I replaced a NVIDEA 7600 which was actually worse but I was hoping to fix the problem completely. I will say the graphics quality is much better than it was with the NVIDEA at the recommended resolution. But I have to go to the lowest resolution to play any PvP or anything with other real players like Starbase 24. I still get considerable stutter even at the lowest resolution but not as bad as it was with the NVIDEA.

If anyone can recommend a low priced card that works, PCI-E x16 or there abouts, let me know.


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