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# 1 Infected (Training)
03-27-2011, 03:10 PM
For all those who would like to do some training for the famous "Infected" raidisode, and MAINLY for those who would like to do Infected in a solo-able version, this might be interesting for you to try out on Tribble right now.

I'd like to explain what you can expect to see and what is just not possible due to Foundry and / or author time limitations:
  • You will not encounter any "Interlink Distribution Nodes" or "Infected Drones". There was no "Tactical Cube" either, however you could play with 4 or 5 people to have one or the other of them spawn during the space bit.
  • The transwarp gate has no shields and there are no transmitters. Once you have defeated all spawning groups of Borg ships, you have to modify the transwarp gate with your ship to shut it down. After that, you can do the ground portion.
  • There is a loading screen to switch between the two map parts on Starbase 82. I couldn't avoid that.
  • I used Elite Drone spawns quite rarely to make them kind of special. Captain Ogen and Rebecca Simmons are Elite Drones, however they keep their special walking / hovering style and their individual looks and they are of course named individually.
  • Modifying multiple consoles to drop forcefields and / or to upload viruses cannot be done solo. Therefore I created some tweaks to make this work solo as well.
  • A special note for the final boss fight: The final chamber does not have the evil floor liquid, and there are no plasma vents during the Becca spawn. You can't shoot down the main borg generator either, instead you have to shut it down with your tricorder.

Screenshot Gallery --> Click Meow

I hope you like it. *lol* It was infact not that hard to re-make, however the group AI (wander, job etc.) was a pain in the rear to sort out. You can give me feedback in this thread or via PM, whatever you prefer. If you encounter any bugs, please tell me! I will fix them right away, I try to be a good "dev".

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