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03-27-2011, 09:18 PM
I have a long list of questions for this:

1) Will there be an option to sync character appearances over multiple costumes (like change makeup or facial hair and have an option to apply it to all costumes)?
2) Can we have some villains from Starfleet Command and Elite Force? I would love the ISC or the Vohrsoth to make an appearance. The Empty Crown from EF2 would be nice too.
3) Will it be possible to accept other music players? I hate Winamp and refuse to use iTunes.
4) Will it be possible to make some emotes have an auto-root protocol (like sitting in a chair root to a certain point and turn angle so there isn't all this awkward looking stuff)?
5) Is the OMEGA molecule slated to make an appearance?
6) Will there ever be an option to design our own clothes (like material, fit, style, hats, etc)?
7) Are there significant expansions to Federation scientific missions coming?
8) Can there be missions where, as a Klingon, we have the option to capture a ship instead of destroying it?
9) Can there be an official option for Orions with the Federation, or at least a C-Store costume option for Orion outfits? I love some of their options!
10) Would it be possible to have an option to once in the career, or purchase from C-Store, a defection for one character?
11) Please have there be more melee weapons for the Federation. I want a katana, or customizable weapon option (i.e. hilt options, blade options, unique qualitiy, double edged, double blade, etc)?
12) Are there plans for Centaurian or Holographic officers? Maybe some from the TV shows too.
13) Are there plans for pets based off current TV shows (the LOST "monster" for example)?
14) Are some of the combat/Crafting revamps going to include the option to choose the unique features of a weapon or allow a single "attachment" to alter it?
15) I would love to play the KDF more, but they are so glitchy that I don't want to. Are there major patches on the way?
16) Can the KDF have a smoother intro? I have been wandering around without any missions other than those that you acquire in the moment and am tired of it, I want more KDF Command assigned missions.

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