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I have 1 max level federation toon. I have 2 other lieutenant-level toons on the fed side, and 1 Klingon toon i just stated. My surprise and (slight) irritation is that unless i am on my max level character, I have limited ability to purchase some items in the c-store.

Let me try to put this in a way I hope will better illustrate my point - i will address your bottom line. at the start of my gaming session yesterday, I invested $18.75 in a purchase of tokens. At the time, i intended to purchase the TOS Bundle on the day of release. I had a little over 300 tokiens in the bank at the time. this means i had a total of 1800 tokens, and you made a sale for $18.75. While shopping, i decided to purchase either the mvam ship, or the cruiser retrofit, and maybe the Klingon bird of prey. this was purely an impulse decision - no planning or thought involved. This means I would have needed at least 1200 tokens. To translate I decided to spend a minimum of $12.50 and possibly $25.00 on a whim.

Think about that - You didn't need to offer any incentives, discounts or have flashing ad-banners to influence this decision. Problem was, I signed into the toon i wanted to use the bridge with - a level 9 fed. All of the ships I just decided to buy were listed as "Restricted" in the store - and i did not see a purchase option. Since I did not want to sign in and out 2-3 more times (more on that in another post), I exited the store and setup my ship. The end effect was that instead of my investing another $12.50 to $25.00 for more tokens, I only spent a total of $18.75 out of a possible maximum of $43.75. To put in bluntly - YOU LOST MONEY!

Cryptic, that is, from my viewpoint, a lost opportunity, and i can't think of a single reason why you would limit store purchases in this manner. My personal viewpoint is the c-store is a tool that I can use to show my support to the developers. Although i will buy some personal "must-have" items, such as iconic ships, bridges, uniforms, or interiors, the majority of the items there could be (arguably) considered fluff. They may not enhance my game-play, but they do add to the game experience. I view a purchase as a personal statement of commitment: "I like the job you are doing \ the direction you are taking, with the game, so i will buy items that i personally may never use in-game in the hopes that the game will continue to grow and prosper, without needing to adopt a f2p model". This is just my personal justification for my own purchases, other players have their own reasons for purchasing a given item. Placing a restriction on in-store purchases to me, seems to be a bad decision.

My initial reason for posting is that i had been thinking about the idea of using the next sale to "buy out the store", or at least a large amount of Klingon store content. Having purchase restrictions based on the character signed in and their level, instead of available funds only, seems to be slightly counter-productive. Cryptic, please address and change this!
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03-28-2011, 05:05 AM
I would bet that you are a minority in this game with only having one max level toon. I believe most people (by now) have at least two or more. A fleetmate of mine has 15!! I only have two myself. The point being, Cryptic takes that into consideration (I would think) when making these items claimable at a certain level. My advice is to buy them on your max level toon. They are account wide. Then as your other toons catch up they can claim those purchases.

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