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# 1 Maps with multiple tasks
03-28-2011, 09:09 AM
Since I started to create content, I noticed an annoying thing. When I want to use a map twice during one mission, everytime the player enters the map again, an old completed task becomes actual again. For example: Task: go from spawnpoint 1 through the whole map (A), use the door and enter a new map (B). On map B, talk to a contact and use the door and return to map A spawnpoint 2 and talk there to another contact. When the player now returns to map A the completed task "go through the whole map, use the door and enter a new map (B)" becomes actual again in the mission log. Because of this I always had to duplicate map A and delete spawnpoint 1, the door etc. Unfortunally the foundry supports only a small amount of maps for one project. Is there a better way to solve that problem, except duplicating the maps?

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