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03-28-2011, 02:48 PM
Originally Posted by Jack_Armstrong View Post
I know it's not directed at me, but I have some advice for you. If you don't want criticism, don't read the forums.

Secondly, people have differing views on the C-Store. Some like it...some don't...some don't give a flying fig either way.

BTW, having two threads about the same exact's been a while since I read the forum rules, but I'm pretty sure that's grounds for an infraction.

And all that red hurt my eyes.
Verry sharp, Yes the first one i put on the discusion foruim I noticed it was wrong but when I copy and paste it it to the right forum the moderator did the same .
Thats why its double. Sorry for that my mistake.
And about my anger was because someone young just comming to look at the world and say I'm a spoiled brat sorry that's someting I don't say to annyone how stupid the post might be.
And next time for you I'l choose an other collor hahaha.
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03-28-2011, 02:55 PM
Originally Posted by Cooter1978
If you are an astronaut I don't care !!!
Second I never mentioned it should be free at all because people have to be paid.....
3de what I do like is a bit cheaper and what I mentioned was the fact its nice we make content that's what we wanted is it not, but give something in return .
Also for people who don't have an live and paying for every two moths give a little something in return .
And I fight for those who can not have an credit card because they are in depth, simply put some more methods to people so they can buy stuff.
Here in Europe you have to buy it from an Internet store that cost a lot more then from an regular store.
It's for those people who want to play the game but can not afford everything like an credit card, should they play a stock game and see his friends fly in nicer ones .
If that is fair to you than you are more egocentric then I hoped.
Also don't call me a spoilt brat because you where in diapers when I was already working my ass off.
So if you don't like it don't try to anger me with nonsense about how good you are instead off others.
Further more I'm done with you so please do not reply anymore. THANK YOU.....
I'm sorry, but you can't prevent a reply when you end it like that. The fact is, just like how wrong your complaints are, your personal attacks are even worse. Not only do i live in Europe too, i'd be surprised to believe that i was in diapers when you were apparently working your ass off. The reason you were called a spoilt brat is simply because of the way you go about things. I mean, look at your opening post.

You believe the Lifetime Sub is being forced on you.
You believe the Foundry is there so the Cryptic staff can put their feet up.
You assume that you don't get enough out of your sub, yet what is justifiable in terms of play time? Every second of every single day? What you pay for a month is not that much different to the cost of a cinema ticket, or a couple of McDonalds. Tell me, i'd love to know exactly how much time equals said payment.
You like to add words to make it look like i'm doing something else, that i am apparently better than you? You got that from 'Time Management' did you or the fact that i said you speak nonsense?
Whats wrong with a stock ship? I fly in one, yet its all about greed and i want this and that. You don't need it, you just want it and because either you can't have it, afford it, or chose not to buy it, you rant and rave about how things aren't fair. You don't need anything from the C-Store to enjoy this game!!!
I like how you think you are doing those without a Credit Card a favour. Sure you are. It has nothing to do with want want want...
And you get plenty from what you pay monthly. Add to the fact it seems you haven't been playing that long, considering how little time you apparently play anyway, i'm sure you haven't seen a great deal. If you are paying for 2 months worth at a time, something tells me you haven't even used that in the first place. (edit, this is your second account? So this is the one you annoy the hell out of people with and fight the good fight against the C-Store with?)

Like i said before, your posts are nonsense, and if you don't like it, tough.

Oh, and i'm not an Astronaut.

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