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so the foundry is live now? NICE!

Let's make sure the missions get a good and fair start!

1st i would like to have some ruleset for the ratings,

what is a 1 2 3 4 5 star mission in your eyes?

i would say:

1 star = BROKEN / unfinishable, just plain sux, STAY AWAY. (be aware that the author get's sad if you rate him down unfairly)
2 star = completable, but no fun at all and badly made, but you get what he was going for
3 star = OK mission, nothing to special but perfectly playable
4 star = must play, but could be improved in some areas (maybe ran into bugs?)
5 star = must play, bug free + spelling error free?

or do you vote 5 for *like* and 1 for *not like* (like it used to be on youtube until they changed it to "thumbs down" and "thumbs up")....

reporting missions:

could we have a short and simple FAQ for everything that needs to be reported?
i am sure most people will not even considder reading anything longer then 10 lines and the official text is just exhaustingly long... also i'm not a lawyer and dont get half of it ;P

for example in a mission i played on Tribble a default Changeling gave me a quest and his name was "Odo", and he was on DS9 hunting Ferengi smugglers. I wasn't sure if that was report worthy so i did not report it.

So Star Trek Movie + Series characters are a NO GO because of likenesses rights (right?),
same goes for any other real life person i take it, and for other Series anyway.

what else is a no go and should be reported?

(and if we get a good proper answer can we make it a sticky?)
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03-28-2011, 03:24 PM
I, for one hope that defamatory or vulgar missions don't get a pass on the bases of so called free speech. One of my concerns was that the devs would get lazy and not feel the need to produce consistant content. The other concern I had was if the foundry gets abused and becomes a vehicle to inappropriate subject matter in a Teen rated MMO.
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03-28-2011, 03:27 PM
Moved to The Foundry - Discussion
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03-28-2011, 04:15 PM
Mispost...hopping myself to another post.
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03-29-2011, 06:14 AM
Rate on enjoyment factor alone.

The thing that allot of people are missing is the 5 mission official stage. Every mission must get Five reviews to be search-able in the main content tab. People are reviewing missions that are still in development by becoming a reviewer. Once a mission hits 5 reviews it's technically supposed to be a finished product, But don't worry to much. The rating system will sort it self out nicely. Just give it time. Once players learn how the rating system works and the possibility of foundry missions, you will find all missions quality will even out in the search tab.

How I Rate.
One star - I never give. either just drop the mission or try and contact the Author to help.
Two Star - Usually goes to ridiculous Grind missions only.
Three Star - For competent mission, but mission valuable story telling elements. Or simply did not like.
Four Stars - Competent missions, enjoyable story and willing to over look little problems some elements.
Five Stars - Usually go to, Knock your socks of, I have to get others to play this mission.

When I review, I like to leave a bit more Rate-ability. These can help out allot.
Eg; | Game play ***** | Trek *****| Difficulty *****| Design *****| Grind *****|
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03-29-2011, 06:29 AM
My personal rating system has 5 criteria (of course), if a criteria is "fulfilled" then it gets a star (or a half if I was somewhat satisfied). These five criteria are:

- Implementation (How the mission is made technically)
- Plot/Characters
- Writing (not only what is written but how as well)
- Combat (mostly is there too much)
- Satisfaction (this is how I feel once the mission ends - the ending itself has a big influence on this - also, do I wnat to play another part of a storyarc)

If my endscore is something with half a star, I usually give bonus points and round up.

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