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I've spent the entire day creating my mission and it is far from complete. I spent hours on Foundry while it was only on Tribble. I also plan to create a video for it and a page, as I will do with all missions I create.

I just got wondering, how long does it take to cook a good Foundry mission.

I logged in this morning to find a whole list of missions and here I am still working on my one. I think it will take another day, maybe another 2 depending on many objects I put on the map for decoration etc. Now sure many people would have copied their text from Tribble and had a good idea of how to go about putting their story board together quickly but if you are going all out.

Is there a general number of hours that you'll need to spend on a mission to get five stars?

Obviously there will be the occasional mission that just cracks us up or impresses us with innovation but I think we all know these will be few and far between.

I'm thinking 24 hours. Maybe half that if your taking your storyline from somewhere it already exists but to really make your storyline work with the constraints Foundry has, you need to do a lot of changes to your original plan which seems to take the most time. i.e. I started by asking users to get into a shuttle, bad move. I continued with the idea but cancelled it. This was due to not being able to set interaction with the Select Your Ship console as an objective on Earth Space Dock. I've also just realised by adding Borg maps, the mission is level 41 up, do I now change the last half of my mission and that will take more hours?

Anyone else spent today making a mission and being patience enough to not release it until it is perfect?

Or am I just being a perfectionist

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