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03-30-2011, 12:27 AM
Yesterday I had an conversation with an admiral,
He was referring to Star Trek Online that he bought it.
He said I have an idea to the C-Store Bas hers out there, so I said lets here it.
He said when I bought STO I had 2 key cards in the game, One for the game and 1 for the C-Store.
Why not instead off doing it all by credit cards give out thru Internet stores key cards with an amount off CP's .
for example a Card off 20 bucks give you an amount off CP's but you buy them in key card form.
If you fill in this key card onto your account your CP's will be uploaded so to speak.
And there are sites where you can put money directly from your bank to them and they mail your Key Code.
This is never known to going wrong before, but anyway they would reach far more players with this then only the ones with an credit card .

Also he said why not make the key cards for the game a bit more expensive and get game time plus for 10 bucks of C-Store points .
I said to him that option should stay choose able by the user it self I think .

Let me know how you think of this plan ??

YAY on an C-Store key card so its over all Game Shop Stores.
NAY on its fine the way it is for me

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