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03-28-2011, 01:20 PM
What I'd willingly pay money for (in copious amounts if necessary):

1. Scalable TOS Connie - One that scales up as I level. By Vice Admiral, it would have stats somewhere between a T3 and T4 Cruiser, with VA appropriate Bridge Officer slots, 3/3 Wep Slots, etc. I would SERIOUSLY pay big bucks for that, and it would likely convince me to buy a lifetime subscription too.

2. Scalable Connie Refit - Similar to above. Big bucks, likely buy a LTS, yadda yadda yadda. Would need to have the Excalibur skin as well.

3. Scalable Nova, Oberth or Miranda Science Refit - Other than the Oberth and Miranda, this is the only science ship I can stand to fly. The rest are hideously ugly. I'd love to have a scaled Nova at Vice Admiral. I'd be good with a scaled Miranda or Oberth as well, with a scientific bent.

4. TMP / TWOK / ST VI Interior - Done to the same quality as the wonderful TOS bundle. I'd pay big for a well done Enterprise, Excelsior and Reliant interior. Oh, and some scalable ST VI Hand Phasers. Yeah, that'd be sweet!

5. "Commodore" & "Fleet Captain" vanity titles. I really want these bad!

That's it. That's all. And I'd pay serious serious money to get it, because I'm crazy like that!

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03-28-2011, 01:48 PM
If it meant more stuff going to the KDF, I wouldn't mind tossing a few bucks that way. Hell, despite my lack of love towards the C-Store, I still put down some CP towards the Vor'cha variant skin and I don't even fly cruisers on that side of the fence.
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# 13 Future Store Items....
03-30-2011, 06:02 AM
Some of the things I'd like to see venture into the C-Store are:

- Ability to select uniforms ship wide for your crew, other than the BOs. This can be an era selection for those who want that TOS theme, not a mixture on your own ship. It could also be ship specific. If you're on a Connie - TOS, if you're on a NX - ENT, etc.

- BO extra uniform slots. Some days I play on my TOS ship and others on a different era ship. It would be nice if they could deviate from the single uniforms allowed for BOs. You have to spend credits for the uniforms anyway so why not? I know, I like everything to match, I'm OCD like that. Deal with it.

- Option to buy exsisting ships in the C-Store. I accidentally discharged my Miranda starter on one character. There is no way to retrieve it. I don't mind buying another one, but there are none in the C-Store. Bummer.

- Abillity to purchase specific race and class BOs in the C-Store if one wanted a certain type of crew. An all Vulcan crew, such as the Intrepid, would be interesting to explore outcomes with.

In game, I'd like to see presets of your BOs for switching from ship to ship. Each time I change now, I have to reassign each BO to their slot and then redo my ship options bar for shields, beam weapons and projectiles. It gets a lil frustrating going back and forth.

I guess that's all. Thanks.

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