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# 11 So why Restrict it?
03-30-2011, 08:20 AM
If the Klingons, gorn, Nausc can't use it, that's fine. The Orions, Aliens, and Joined Trill, also the special reward Boffs, do get the benefits of those Tribs. Un-restrict them, let us manage them, and give them to those who can actually use them, just like on the Fed side. For example, I know my Fed Klingon can't use any of the Tribs but the special few, so it only gets those, and so does the Klingon or Gorn (from Diplomacy reward) Boff.

If they can't use them, then it's a mute point because they receive no benefits. Un-restrict them and let us give them to those who can benefit from them.

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