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# 1 Recent Ground AI change
03-30-2011, 07:16 PM
The recent change in the AI behavior is making the dumb AI appear to be even more dump and stupid. I'm talking about the behavior in which the NPC's close to within very close distanced in combat.Now this isn't too bad for the Enemy groups. It's nice that some of them move to within a reasonable range for melee. But the chance is idiot for Bridge Officers doing it too. Example are my Engineering BOff will aggro on a target torwards the rear of the spawn, then they will run to the edge (or in the middle) of a spawn and bravely...deploy a Shield Generator!?!? And the closing behavior of all AI NPCs leads to the I need to get close, opps too close, need to move away. opps too far, need to close and try to flank dance which spreads the fight all over the place. And will invarialbly aggro another group of enemies. I've having to micro manage my BOffs more then every. I'm having to spend most of the fight management my BOffs or just say TANJIT and set a rally point. Either way it make me less efficient in fight and makes it less enjjoyable.

I like the closing behavior on the Enemy NPC's. I don't like or want the behavior on my Bridge Officers. Please return then their their prior AI behavior. The previous behavior allowed them to work autonomously quite well. Now it's just...ugh.

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