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This isn't intended as yet another "make starships more like big fighter jets" thread. I think I may actually have an original idea regarding this (I certainly I haven't seen any posts suggesting this) and wanted to throw it to the STO masses to see what you all think. That said, please read on.

I've been playing STO for about a month now. I'm enjoying the game immensely, realising how much of a Trekkie I really am, but like so many others the lack of true 3D movement and combat in space bugs the crap out of me. While I've read and understand many of the reasons behind the developers choice of tall ships style combat, I'd still like the option to be able to manoeuvre more realistically in space.

One of the arguments against true 3D combat is the necessity of the addition of top and bottom shields. It may be difficult to add these extra shield areas to both the game mechanics and the UI. My idea is this: distribute any incoming damage from either directly above or below across all 4 shield quadrants e.g. an attack doing 100 shield damage comes from above your ship; you take 25 damage to all quadrants. I think that this would discourage players from using attacks from directly above or below since doing so essentially means that your target's shields are 4 times stronger.

I'd also suggest that it be made impossible for weapons to proc while attacking from directly above or below. This is simply because if a phaser barrage causes the target's shields to drop, it would render the above solution meaningless.

I suggest that true 3D manoeuvring be made into an optional choice. Those who like the current space control and combat system could continue to play with no huge changes to their playstyle, but whoever wants a bit more realism will also have an option which suits them.

As I see it, using my suggestion would require the addition of 2 or 3 extra optional controls; roll left, roll right, and 'right' ship (align to galactic axis). It would also require some kind of visual indicator to show a player if he's being attacked from above or below.

Anyway, those are my ideas. Discuss.

"He is intelligent, but not experienced. His pattern indicates two-dimensional thinking." ~Spock

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