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# 1 How do I do this?
04-01-2011, 06:25 PM
OK, I'm using the Foundry for the first time and I'm not sure how to do certain things, so I'm gonna ask people who have done this a lot more than I have.
  • I want to be able to accept this mission from anywwhere, there is a part after the initial hail that takes you straight to your Ready Room (well not your ready room, a map made so that you can't see the rest of the bridge), when I'm testing later parts of the mission that hail shows up, so it may work already, or it could be a bug, I'm not sure.
  • For a part of my mission, I want a certain enemy ship to spawn but with the appearance of another ship in order to keep the original ship's abilities with the appearance of a different ship, I also want to make it so that only one ship spawns as it is going to be a difficult enough ship on its own.
  • If at all possible, I want a certain NPC to start as friendly until a dialogue box finishes, where he becomes an enemy, I also want him to be a certain NPC with a different costume in order to keep his abilities while using a different model.

If at all possible, can someone tell me how to do these things or direct me to something that can? I've had the idea for this mission in my head for a while now and I would like to know how to make it possible.

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