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# 1 Back on duty :-)
04-02-2011, 03:48 AM
So, after a somewhat extended leave from STO, I decided to come back and see what's been going on.
I just wanted to drop by here and give some kind of feedback as to how much I like all the changes I've come across today.

Seems like many changes have taken place!
Everything that I've noticed so far is great!
I mean, really... I love what they've done :-D
Like Earth Spacedock. Love all the changes.

I especially enjoyed exploring my ship!!!!


What a fantastic surprise to come back to, lol

Anyway, after much ooh's and ahh's, I went to do the new feature episode.
("Cloaked Intentions")
Man... what a great arc.
The only downside was the "busywork" but I always hate those kind of timesinks :-P
Even with that, I totally loved the arc.
I had just obtained my yacht too, so the first mission was pretty cool :-D
The puzzles were a nice addition.
The Arena.
Good stuff!

Not only that, but I was pleasantly surprised to see how many people were online.
Seems like a lot more than last time I popped in. When I first logged in, it reminded me of maybe the 3rd month of live... lots of people everywhere :-D
After being in beta, and playing the first 6 months of live pretty much straight, I honestly love what they've done with the place :-)

Bought my lifetime sub back before STO went live.
Never regretted it.
Infact as of today, I'm happier than ever, that I did.
It really seems like the devs are moving things in the right direction!
Good to be back :-)

Ps... (since this is a feedback post)

The one thing I didn't like about the arc...
The mission "Mine Enemy"
Where I had to kill Commander Janek.
Apparently I needed Ambassador level diplomacy to get the option not to?
Anyway... My character wouldn't have done that. Just saying.
It felt wrong that I didn't have a choice. I hated that part.
That was really the ONLY thing in the whole arc that bummed me out, lol.

Love the new stuff and see you guys in game :-)

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