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04-02-2011, 07:15 PM
I will defend GF to a degree, he is prone towards hyperbole. Most of LF is of reasonable mind for the most part. I think any fleet or representative of a fleet comes on here and adamantly decries an ability or abilities as this or that and proceeds to use it in game is a hypocrite and there seem to be a few. GF is GF unfortunately he paints with a a broad brush. Right now there are a few fleets on the fed side I have respect for there were quite few I did respect until they got on the boards and blasted cryptic for their eff ups and proceeded to us those same skills in PvP.
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04-03-2011, 01:31 AM
I personally don't like the terms heal spam and science spam as much. For me the spam is primarly lots of NPC targetable objects cluttering my screen and making it ridicilously hard to even pick a target. That is annoying and spam. How they got there - usually perfectly valid player abilities on their own - doesn't really matter. Their systematic use to clutter the battle field is spaming.

I think certain abilities could need a revamp. Photonic Fleet is intended as a DPS boost for the Science Captain. But does that tool really need 3 "pets"? Maybe just one pet - but a tougher one then before - would suffice? Or do we need an entirely different ability replacing it (while the idea of holographic ships is interesting, it seems to make more sense as a confusion tool and not as a DPS power!). Mines are too weak to be considered a big threat - even in larger numbers their primary thread comes from the targeting confusion. So maybe we need less mines (but harder to detect ones instead?) that hit harder? Carriers might need less fighters with more firepower and more resilience...

"Heal Spam" is just having a character being the dedicated healer. It might be too much since it doesn't really fit the Startrek combat aesthetic, but while powerful, I don't feel we can legimately say it's "broken" these days. I have seen too many ships blown up, even with a good healer around, to think otherwise. At least the last resist nerf and the RSP nerf leads to satisfying combat results - healers can save people, but healers can also fail saving people

Science Spam is ultimately just Science Captains or Science Vessels using their abilities. These ships get 7+ science power slots, you're bound to end up with a lot of science powers flying around. How can we avoid this really? I think the real problem occurs when the same abilities are used by multiple members of a team over and over again. We nerfed Photonic Shockwave's chaining ability. That was a good move. Being stunned for 4 seconds is okay, being stunned for 30 seconds until dead... Not so much. Being Scrambled 100 % of the time is also annoying. It doesn't even have to be unbalanced or broken, it's just annyoing. So do something similar as with PSW Emergency Dampeners, a "Sensor Recalibration" buff that negates scrambles and jams for a while. Gravilty Well might cause a "subspace stabilizers" buff that temporarily negates the effect of further GWs.

The biggest unbalancing factor and often also a big "unfun" factor are abilities that can be chained and stacked*. If the abiility is especially goor or annoying to the victim, it leads to broken combos and to unhappy players. Even if the ability is not broken, but just particularly annoying, it wil llead to call to nerfs, and rightfully so. We are hear to have fun. (And no, getting blown up does not need to be removed because it'S not fun - it is fun, if ti's done because you were outwitted, if it's done with style and skill, if you know you made an error.)

Unfun abilities tend to be abilities that let people lose control. Stuns, Holds, and Scrambles are good examples for that. They are still not wrong to have in the game - but they need to come in small doses, tactically applied and well-timed, with some counters.

*) BTW - this might also help against too much "healspamming" - diminishing returns on heals - a "repair supply depletion" debuff, perhaps hots not stacking... But remember, we don't have a damage spamming debuff/buff ...

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