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# 1 Options The Foundry NEEDS
04-05-2011, 05:55 AM
I have been using the Foundry since it's launch live a week ago and already i have a Wish list.

If any Cryptic developer types are reading, We sorely need the following.

1: An option to make NPC groups stationary when in combat.
This makes a whole new world of possibilities, Base turrets, Defense grids you name it.

2: Food items, like dishes and replimat food cubes.

3: Federation Force Field effects

4: Transporter effects for Items and crew that makes them invisible.

5: A Red Alert light effect for the ships interior

6: An Invisible object that will flash when made into a Interactive part of a mission.

7: Much bigger space and ground explosions for base destruction and buildings.

8: Humanoid skeletons

9: The ability to rotate items more than one axis, such as planets or lights. I would really like to have a planet with a ring off tilt not just one static angle.

10: Static Transmission screens for Dialogue, also some effects for partial signal or such.

There are tons of stuff I didn't mention, I will leave that up to other Foundry builders and players who want more parts and options.

Thank you so much for everything you have given us Foundry users so far, we just need more to make the missions we envision better.

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