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04-06-2011, 03:25 PM
Come on, this is a issue since launch.
Klingons are so overpowered....
And who is to blame? The problem is: For feds, the rest of the game is SO easy, the feds on VA in many occasions do not even know what BO-ability has which effect.

I mean I wanst much diffrent. Usually I'm not very intrestet in PVP, but when I decidet to play STO I had just one thing in mind: flying my all-time favorite Klingon Bird of prey. Well during beta I did ONE pvp match as Klingon, and thought "well that sucks, never again". After launch I played my fed eng until RA, thought i would preform SO GREAT, but got borred and decidet to give that PVP on Klingon side a second shot for the benefit of having a Bird of Prey. Well I leveled until General via PVP and at the beginning I died A LOT, but it got better because I simply learned it the hard way. So ca when I became LC5 PvP startet to make fun. At that point we also had good fed-players as opponents, becuase they were there because they WANTET to make pvp.
When I became General PVP matches were suddenly completly unbalanced, almost every Arena game endet 15/0..... why? Becuase in EVERY game half of the players just were there for the dailys and had not the simplest clue how to play the game...

Well after that finally became boring I relogged to my almost forgotten fed-eng I got the giggles, I had not A SINGLE, for cruisers even remotly usefull ability. I had stuff like "jam sensors" or "tractor beam repulsor" on that souverign. There I finally realized how little I knew about STOs real game mechanics before leveling that Kling PvP-only. And I really believed I was great before. But of course, everywhere you looked people whined about the overpowered Klings. That "overpower" was namly "40 levels leveled with dead bodys in PVP", we were just MUCH more experienced then they were. And most Klings had not only those 40 levels in pvp experience, they also had leveled a fed before wich adds those 40 dead-body levels to the expreience whine-feds had all over.

Well since I needet that Daily on that Eng, too I thought "Lets give pvp as Fed a try"; of course after reskilling all BOs. I expectet to get shot down prety fast, since I had no PVP experience with that ship, but the result of the very first match was that was the only one who was never killed, had by fast the highest healing rate, most damage (more than the double amount of the highest below my) and the most kills (again, more the the double then the 2nd, and that were times when Escorts still were SCARY). And we won.
Ok that were obviously Idiots, later games were not that easy, but I was really suprised how bad everyone arround me preformed; but I knew without that Klingon time I would have probably preformed even worst.

Bottom line is: There is little way for the usual player to LTP. STO is more complex then it seems on the first view, but thats hard to realize since PVE is that easy. And if you do PvP, well, for new players PVP is a shark tank. And you dont learn anything by exploding all the time. New players do not have "equal" opponents, for beginners PVP opponents in the usual queries are simply to strong. On the other hand, people do not like to admit that they suck at something, even to themselfes. So they always blame the "overpowered" enemy, that evil developers who, of course, benefit the Klingons SO MUCH MORE then the feds (thats why we didnt even recieve ONE additional costume yet^^). Everybody but not themself. And with that attitude they CANT become better, no chance at all.

Since there isnt even any low-level pvp there now, the only way to learn it is to find a group or fleet with exprienced players and practise with them, but that requiers social skills, and well, socializing is something sto does not encourage, and social skills are something especially that kind of people who always blame others for their failures usually do not have in the first place.

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