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# 1 A few Questions
04-08-2011, 03:35 PM
So I'm in the process of trying to create a mission, and I've come up against quite a few things that I'm told the foundry simply can't do yet. I'll not ask about those here, but I have a few questions my fleetmates haven't been able to answer.

First off, Is the briefing room map used in first contact missions available in the foundry? If so, where is it? I've looked at every interior map and don't see it. I'd like to add a briefing to my mission and can't find a good premade map. If anyone has suggestions, I'd appreciate them.

Second, is it possible to add a second state to an npc group? I want to make an npc group either despawn or become hidden after an objective is complete, but I can only seem give a group one state, wereas some other things such as details (satellites) have a more advanced state selection, so they can become visible and then hide again later. Can I do this with npc groups?

Third, I know I can apply a costume to an enemy to make it portray a certian thing, so if I wanted to give an ensign level unit a swordmaster costume to make it melee, i can do that. But can I do that in reverse? IE, I'd like to make a federation unit run around and melee things, but It doesn't seem possible. Am I missing something that will enable this to happen?

And Lastly, is there any way to ensure a group of enemies always contains a set group of units regardless of scaling? I'd like a group to always contain about 3 ships to portray a command squad, but scaling seems to prevent this. I could use 3 seperate groups, but I'd prefer not to waste groups toward the map limit.

Thanks in advance.

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