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# 1 Looking for a good RP fleet
04-06-2011, 01:09 PM
Hey all,

I've recently been getting back into STO after a hiatus, and to be honest, there are so many fleets out there, I'm having trouble finding which best suits me. The main focus I want is for RP purposes, as I have a lot of experience in this area, having RP'd in many other MMO's. Can anyone recommend a good RP guild? Possibly one that isn't overly complicated in it's recruitment cycle? I don't mind being interviewed OOC/IC, as I think you need to showcase what you can bring to a fleet, but I want to get stuck into some RP ASAP really, as I'm finding simply levelling by myself with few to talk to a bit tedious, as I haven't had a huge chance to RP yet in this great game.

Thanks all,

- Jerry
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# 2
04-06-2011, 10:49 PM

I too have just returned to STO after a very long hiatus, and also looking for a good RP fleet.

Perhaps if we find one together we can join together? Or perhaps if you'd like to meet up for some RP even before we find a fleet?

I've just started a new character too, and haven't really worked on his bio or anything.

- Edz
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# 3
04-06-2011, 11:26 PM
While the 12th is not a strictly RP group our medical division focuses on RP. We have a dedicated IC and OOC channel in chat and are currently running an IC mission group of the Dividian missions.
I have a couple of alts I am going to level completely IC.
We also have an active forum RP community.
Our forums are located here
And if you click the link in my sig it will take you to our main page.
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# 4 The Last Outpost
04-07-2011, 01:45 AM
Hi Karadoc_Lykos and ecutts,

I see that you are looking for a RP fleet? Well we at The Last Outpost are a dedicated RP fleet. We have only been up and running for less then a month on STO,but have been doing RP on RPG-X for for a very long time. If you have played RPG-X then you know that we are well know for our RP and the content that we bring out.

The main thing that we look for is that you enjoy RPing and have fun. Thats it.

Please look us up on the link in my signature or ask Brex or my self in game and we can tell you alot more about what we do. We even have a post in Starbase One forums about what we do. So please have a read.

If you really do like Role Playing then look no futher.

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# 5
04-07-2011, 10:03 AM
ATTN: Star Fleet Officer: Jerry
FROM: Commodore Blodvaerd, CIO 88th CIC, 7th Fleet
RE: Counter Intelligence Operations Seeking Officers


We have become aware that you are seeking a new duty assignment. Your interests include playing a role. We in the 88th CIC are always looking for officers of high quality, to play various roles, not all of which are...shall I to public view.

If you are interested, click on the name bar in my signature and mention TF 88 CIC in your application.

OOC: The "Lucky 7th" Fleet is one of the oldest, and best run fleets in STO. We are active, have many events, and RP in a variety of ways (both causal and hard core). We also cater to Military, Prior Military and other Public service officers.

Good luck in your search,
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# 6
04-11-2011, 08:49 PM
I may be a little late on this thread, but I think you'd fit in really well with the Alpha Centauri Institute, and we would be honored to have you apply.

The ACI is a mature, drama-free RP Fleet. Our goal as a fleet is to act as a resource and community for our members as they develop their character(s) and their RP story over the course of time. Individuals are given a great deal of leeway in what route their character takes over the course of their career. We do not require a specific path, demand that you use specific fleet resources for specific actions (eg. if you want to be a crafter, then go for it! There's no requirement that you use a fleet quartermaster), assign pre-determined roles, insist on Teamspeak, or require attendance at many events.

We have a very active Forum for RP, all local chat is IC, and members are always on alert to provide RP assistance for PvE missions or any other in-game situation.

Within the STO universe, you will not find a more community and character oriented fleet than the ACI. Stop by our website, or chat up one of our members online (often found at Starbase 39) for more information and a feel for what we are about.
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# 7
04-12-2011, 02:27 AM
Welcome to the forums! We Are an International Fleet

Red Squadrons would seem to fit your criteria well, we always have a laugh (even if sometimes its over something silly ^^) we do support players wanting end game PvP and PvE and RP, and with 11 years of experience, we're a pretty bonded fleet, we have a full and active fleet bank with everything you could ever need no matter your rank with have tabs for classes II, IV, VI, VIII and X mainly blues and greens, we have a fleet crafter who is always happy to make you anything you need.

We play STF missions several times a week and do daily's everyday including the PVP daily's, there is no min rank to join we have members of all levels and the more experienced members are always happy to lend a hand be it getting passed that tricky mission or leveling an alt

We are a military styled fleet, with the Red Squadrons Taskforce serving as our Federation Fleet and the Red Squadrons Battlefleet serving for our Klingon players! And if you want to play in both, your more than welcome (we do encourage it to develop PvP tactics .

We're pretty well known around the Trek gaming community and know a lot of cool fleets whom we have a laugh with pretty often!

Check us out on

Good Luck finding what you're looking for!

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