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04-12-2011, 09:13 PM
Originally Posted by Thorgald View Post
Well it does probably cost, if not more, then at least close to as much, to run as they get now.

But that is their own fault, and doing what they are doing now will ultimately just drive more people away, and has already done so.

What Cryptic doesn't seem to realize is that by focusing this much time on the C-store will just make more ppl angry and leave.

What they should do is scrap any and all plans for any future c-store items and focus 100% of all their staff on making a proper REAL content patch.

Because we have yet to get one "season" patch that has had much of any new real content in them.
The great success of other games with C-Store style setups (like wizard101) is a pretty strong rebuttle to your argument

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