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I found myself in an interesting position last night. I played a new 5 star rated mission. Two people (same fleet) had ran and rated it highly. It was titled as a fleet training mission. So I bit and ran it.

It quickly became obvious to me that it was nothing more then a Borg zerg fest to get your accolades filled out. It did have a small amount of jumping... and did start in an empty holodeck. But quickly I noticed that the few prompts where Talk to NPC, etc.

So I rated it at 2 stars and put in a comment that I felt it was there to earn accolades and was not that good.

Then it dawned on me.... did I just commit UGC Hari-Kari! I mean, did I offend a group of people whom are now going to trash my UGC episodes out of spite? So in a nutshell, if people are afraid to review do to retribution, will they by default just give 3 stars as a low score? Does this mean that 3 star missions are junk?

Now, I'm not saying I have had my mission reviews trashed at this time, but I'd be curious of your opinion. With no method of feedback for a bad review or way to challenge a bad review, is fear going to inhibit the quality of reviews?

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