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# 1 Tactical fleet
04-14-2011, 07:16 AM
Tactical fleet consists of over 200 people working in many time zones. We are from all abilites from experienced STF players to 1st time users. For some of our fleet STO is there 1st and only MMO, so do not think that you will struggle to fit in or make a contribution. We have a lot of fun and you will find we are a generous time giving fleet always ready to help one another.

Why should you pick us over the multitude of others in the game?

Well that is down to your discretion but what i can assure you is with us you will have fun, hopefully learn or share some hints and tios with others, plus the fact we have co fleet leaders in two time zones means one is nearly always available.

There some conditions that we do place on recruits.

1) NO DRAMA, we are here for fun and the pleasure of the game.

2) you will spend one to two weeks at the lowest level, this is so you can get a feel for us and us for you. That way if either party feels it is not a good fit it is easier to leave. During this time it would be helpful if you can spend time with a senior member.

3) download and join Vent, the settings for our vent feed can be found in the Fleet information bar after you join. the higher level ranks in the fleet cannot be attained unless you are available to others via vent.

4) be respectful of others players, not every is as able or capable as everyone else. We all have limits and abilites, that is the core of the fleet, strength through diversity. If you are an awesome player don't berate those that are not.

5) Share, we have dedicated crafters in the fleet who will craft things for you, but they need the elements to craft, it is only fair that if you share what you have to enable them to do so, also the fleet bank is always in need of a turnover of deposits at all times.

So if you think you would like to join send me a message in Game @a2flyer thankyou for reading.

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