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04-14-2011, 10:41 AM
Originally Posted by MGmirkin
M'yeah, not big on the C-store. Don't have tons of money to spend on in-game fluff. If there's a way to earn it in-game, I'd rather do it that way. All I'm saying is that a little variety is the spice of life. If the object, according to Wildman, is to learn more about shuttles, etc. etc., scanning anomalies is a pretty poor way to do it. Shouldn't one also be learning to pilot a shuttle in combat for things like The Vault, which one assumes one can then play later and maybe do better at it?

Plus, I just think it would be kind of a nifty change of pace to have some shuttle-specific DSEs & PvPs (I mean, if they're going to be making shuttles more prominent in a few missions and whatnot, why not?). Really give the shuttles a work-out, figure out some maybe different strategies, etc.

Just a thought.
you can just buy the schematic on the exchange ohh they beat me to it....I did that, you do need a small ammount of crafting skills a few data samples, and craft it.

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