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# 1 Khitomer Accord; Broken
04-14-2011, 08:17 PM
This is not a complaint or a rant after one failed run of KA, nor two, but several, over a period of months. Three of which occurred over the past few hours.

The first space portion itself is bugged, badly, in a manner that I'd consider a show stopper. The most recent runs involved three tacs (two Tactical Retros, one fleet escort), an Engineer (Star Cruiser), and a Science (Long Range retro). DPS was not an issue, healing was not an issue, coordination was not an issue, we were all on Teamspeak, all coordinating together. The issue lies in the mission itself.

First, is the general OP'd nature of the Borg. Especially in regards to spheres and cubes. Spheres tractor beams are the first thing I'd like to address. I run a tactical escort. When I pop Evasive, Alpha, and Omega I expect to break free of the tractor. This happens, temporarily, but when I sphere has managed to maintain a tractor lock on me after I've moved 20km away there is an issue. A lock needs to break at 10km, when my buffs wear off and i'm not within even sensor range I should not be dealing with a tractor beam and sniper beams.

Cubes have always been an annoyance in STFs, their benign appearance in normal PvE is a deception. But the biggest issue I'd like to address that occurred in this mission was the shield neutralizer. This ability can cripple anybody not equipped with hazard emitters. But it is not to OP'd, till they start launching them every 5-10 seconds. You get hit by one, pop HE, then get hit by another, and then a third. Then there is their DPS. A plasma beam weapon on a cube does 400 something damage (not counting DPS) per hit. While our Mark XI purple dual heavy cannons are doing 20-25 damage per hit.

And now for the bugs;

Spawning. Spheres spawn randomly throughout the map from time to time. They spawn by the transwarp gates and the vortex gate most often. The ones by the transwarp gates are an annoyance. They target, and destroy any mines we've planted to damage the gate we've opened and accost us with their tractor beams not allowing tacs to bring their weapons to bare on the gate.

The ones that spawn near the temporal vortex however, are mission breakers. They appear, and then enter the gate. They don't give you a chance to target them, there's not even a chance to hit a tractor beam. They do this frequently, so frequently that by the time the second gate opening happened, despite having had the left gates spawns destroyed by the Tac cubes explosion, we had this.

Kill's not counting. This, is perhaps the most annoying thing we faced in our runs. We would destroy probes, who would list, explode, and then continue lazily on into the temporal gate. They count against you, despite having been sent to that big alcove in the sky. We have it hard enough dealing with random spawns and a near ridiculous amount of enemies on the map at one time with a very very low counter, that having enemies we've destroyed count against us is not acceptable.

I did not park here. This was the rarest of our bugs, but none the less annoying. Our primary tactic was to, after dealing with probes and getting the spheres occupied. to have the DPS park near the gate we were focusing on so when it opened we could hit it with Cannon Rapid Fire, Tricobalts, and if we're lucky, our tricobalt mines if any survived the random spawns. But this sometimes wasn't possible.


Because the gate would open and suddenly we've been launched into the center of the map where we have a charlie foxtrot of spheres merrily blowing the living hell out of anything not part of their collective. These are serious issues that need to be addressed badly. End game content is lacking badly, and having what is available constantly broken is not acceptable. This STF is your baby Gozer, there is no excuse for it not being doable without being a Dev.

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