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# 1 Need Help Checking my Work
04-14-2011, 09:54 PM
I need your help reviewing my latest creation. There is a lot of "optional" text at the end of the mission and I need to know if I misspelled anything. Also, I need to know if there are any confusing elements.

Trembler 3
Starfleet 31+

Summary with screens:
You receive a special communication from Starfleet Intellegence to go to a suspected Obsidian Order hideout in the Reimers System in the Cardassian Sector. When you get there you are greeted by a welcoming party. After fighting your way to the dwarf planet, you beam down to find a compound. You can't scan through the walls, so you decide to get a higher vantage point. After finally entering the compound you defeat all the Cardassians within. You discover an underground tunnel system underneath the compound. After examining some cargo you move on to the dining facility where you find a bunch of Cardassians on break. You also find some asleep in a neighboring bunk area. After fighting off the lunch crowd, you make your way into the final chamber which opens up a large amount of information (optional read, of course).

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