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04-15-2011, 02:08 AM
I apologize if I wasn't clear enough. When you first arrive in the system and you rendezvous with the ship the meeting is on, the officer tells you, that the Ferengi and the Deferi have already arrived. I thought it would have been nice, if the Ferengi's and the Deferi's ship would have been there as well. Immersion, nothing more.

I see about the holodeck. And I think that's actually not such a bad idea. However, why do there need to be fights? Perhaps an optional fight with a little bit of story might be even better.
By the way I liked how a fight is going on while you are stuck on the ship.

The last fight with the Klingons is not to hard. I just felt, an alternative to fighting would have been more Star Trek. Say, the second Klingon wave warps in and you are able to talk them down as now the power source might no longer be of any interest to the Klingons.
Or, maybe even better, the Klingons don't care and still want to use it - give a choice as to handing it out or fighting them. That would be great - if possible with Foundry triggers (quickling thinking it through, I think it should be).

With "explaining the situation" I did mean to the Klingongs - NOT to the player as you are right, everything is explained really well.

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