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# 1 STO - Almost a World Class MMO
04-15-2011, 05:14 PM
Alright, I'm being polite. And I'll tell you why.


-The space combat is fantastic.
-Character customization is fantastic. The CGI chicks especially are nice.
-Graphics are fantastic.
-Ship effects for different equipment/gear are fantastic.
-Bridge officer powers are fantastic.
-The number of the different ship weapons, configurations, and customization options is so mind-boggling it's fantastic. Way beyond what I could have expected. Better than WoW by far.
-Ship abilities and combinations- fantastic. Way beyond anything I expected.
-Possible space game mechanics - fantastic. You can specialize as a stand alone ship or a support ship, even in AoE crowd control/damage if you choose.
-The crafting is shaping up to be fantastic, especially if there are rare schematics out there.
-The sci ship and its abilities are way beyond anything I could have hoped for.


-The Earth Space Dock needs to be re-designed. As the first base you see, it's horribly underwhelming, simplistic, and downright cheap looking. In a universe as fantastic as Star Trek, it seems something far better could be designed. How about a ring with a transparent window band inside and outside so you can see different ships docking and leaving, NPC and player, in the interior?

-The missions are horribly boring and repetitive. It's a grind, way worse than WoW. Yes, leveling is pretty fast on Elite, but very boring. Even space combat could use some cut scenes and multiple stages with different objectives/difficulties.

There's virtually no story. Maybe this gets better in end game, but this should immerse you from the very beginning.

There should be unique missions/quests for each profession - science officer, engineer, etc., so you feel like your profession is worth something (aside from being able to train Level III powers at end game). There's no joy to being a science officer versus an engineer because everything is the same.

Each mission should be multi-layered with an evolving story.

There should be cut scenes. There are so many wonderful things you could do here, for example with the Pharengi given their trickery and greed. Even WoW has so many humorous/tongue in cheek quests you can't help but be entertained once in a while. How about some cut scenes with reaction shots from your officers after some missions, so you feel like they're real people and have a story line too. I'm thinking Wing Commander II: Vengeance of the Kilrathi here and how it felt you were part of a great movie, which was real. THERE'S NO STORY.

The flight between planets still seems fake. Maybe the stars should move differently as you turn the ship, so it feels 3 dimensional, not like some weird 2D overlay. I know Cryptic has cleaned up the clutter, but there's still too much and IT FEELS TOO TACTICAL. Make it realistic. Have use pass some asteroids, nebulas, so it doesn't look so video gamy and tactical. How about planetary statistics before you go on away missions, so you have to bring different types of gear? It seems this game was very hastily put together. There should be a way to dismiss the annoying planetary/contact pop-up screens if it's not your destination of choice. They block the view.

In ground away missions, you should have some control over your Bridge Officers' power, so you can play strategically and get the economies of scale from those powers and use the way they were intended. Otherwise, it's a crazy free for all and all the BOffs seem to use their power always in the wrong time, without any coordination that would actually make them more effective.

There should be an XP/leveling bonus, say 15% to 25%, for doing away/space missions with real people as opposed to a computer.

-The anomy scanning is horrible boring and repetitive. Can't we get different icons/sprites, even random ones, for the anomalies in space to make it looks more interesting and even exciting that you might get some rare anomaly? The waveform matching is also horribly boring and repetitive. It seems it would not be that hard, expensive, or time consuming to add some different types of puzzles, or even multi-step harder ones for the rarer anomalies. Again, why the cookie cutter nonsense?

-The designs of many of the interior away missions are also highly underwhelming and again seem hastily put together. There's very little artistry and variety.

-The number and quality of the alien species also seems highly underwhelming. The Caitians and the felinoids are not that exciting. Again, I don't see why you have to be limited to the movies/episodes here. After all, we've only seen a small fraction. It seems you could spice this universe up in a jiffy with some insecticide, lupine, tiger, or other types of "cooler" looking races.

-The bluish border on most of the interface screens appears cheap. I think a TNG style color scheme would be better. That was the high point of the universe (IMO at least).

Just my 2 cents.

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