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I titled mine simply, 'The Hunt'. Project number st-hifpxrhf5 by Carnagefiend.

I would like some feedback on this mission, as I made it heavily story/dialogue based. I attempted to make the dialogue and fights as organic as possible.

It was designed, also, to fill out some of the Gorn's own culture as well as their relationship with the Klingon Empire. I also attempt to partially explain why 'SpecOps' eye covers are available and are called that.

Combat is somewhat, in my mind, toned down. I was going for a natural sort of feel as to the presence of any enemy that is killable.

So, in the end, anyone that loves Gorn (especially with their revamp coming!) and those that want good Klingon missions... I would love your feedback. I hope you all enjoy it and the detail I put into it.

It's part one in a series of four, so if it does well the story shall go on!

Feel free to discuss other Gorn possibilities here if anything I wrote came off as even remotely intriguing. I may have taken a few liberties, hopefully nothing too bad.

((If I may also say so, I'm an English Education major that isn't doing any writing at the moment... so if Cryptic enjoys my storytelling methods... a man can dream, can't he?))

EDIT 1: Removed a superfluous face-to-face conversation, switched it to a subspace communication. 'The Hunt', now with less loading screens!

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