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I have been playing EVE Online (RP PvP and PvE) for almost 5 years now, and am starting to get burned out on it. I am looking for a RP fleet who are interested in group fleet activities.

I am 46 yrs old, retired, and am flexible on time. While I am not working on my class preps or dissertation, I am available. Though I have 4 teen children who also like to play MMORPGs, I have little tolerance for 13 yr old ego mentalities.

If you are looking for a player who is not ego-centristic, doesn't cuss or swear, and is a decent role payer, drop me a line. Be glad to chat.

Addendum - Ventrilo is setup and running, along with Mumble. I can also use TS2 and TS3 if absolutely necessary.

Other games I play:
EVE Online
Knights of the Old Republic
Hearts of Iron III
Men of War

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