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First of all I want to say I love the Foundry.

Love it. Love it. Love it!

The dozen or so 4 and 5 star missions I have played through have been fantastic. The community really knows it's Trek and has put some serious effort into making great stories.

That said, the number of missions listed under "Community Authored" is daunting to get through - and the list will just get longer over time....which is a good, no, VERY good, thing!

So, is there any way to provide sub-catagories for this great addition to the game? What I mean is, break it down first by language; I have seen a bunch of pure Spanish, German, and French only missions in addition to English. It would be nice to separate these right from the get go to find the language you most play in. Then in each langauge catagory, have missions tagged by conflict /campaign areas just like the mission replay terminal in the captain's ready room.

Makes sense doesn't it? It would make things a whole lot more organized and missions easier to find by what flavor a player wanted that day. Think I'll dust off my French today and blast some Cardies...

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