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My mission group is developing nicely. I have it in plans to get all five done so that I can release them as a weekly. But what would you guys like to see.

I have intentions of creating a false mission to adjust triggers, my costume to perform particular actions, etc. to create a cutscene then take down those missions, paste up the scene on youtube and then post the real mission with OOC text directing people to the cutscene. the 'directing' of each of the cutscenes is already laied out on paper but...

As most of us know, creating any movie takes an enormous amount of time and I don't want to give any of my mission away. but honestly guys would a cutscene or a trailer be prefered. Would you guys like an introduction to the mission before you play it, more than just words, or would you like a trailer showing the awsomness in the mission.

I want my story to appeal to the crowd. Cryptic itself does not have trailers but they do have cutscenes, this is what I wanted to model my missions on, but, this part, has to grab attention.


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