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04-20-2011, 10:38 AM
Originally Posted by Armsman View Post
When a player 'reports a mission' - all that means is that Cryptic will look at it, and make a final determination as to whether said mission does indeed violate the TOU of the Foundry. If Cryptic determines it does, then they will take action they deem approprriate.

Also, if you read Wish Stone's post that details the Cryptic 'No Grind' mission policy, she stated that the people who were banned from publishing anything further on the Foundry were those who republished their mission that Cryptic had taken down. So, for now, if you know you published a mission, and that mission dissappeared off the Foundry list; you might want to check your in game mail before attempting a re-publish.

I DO think it would be good however if there was a way to inform players when they go into the Foundry editor itself that a mission they have has been removed by Cryptic for a TOU/EULA violation so that it's clearer to the author thaty a mission has been deemed 'inappropriate' by Cryptic for whatever reason.

Lastly, (and this is not rtelated to any comments made by the person I quoted), for those wanting a 'clear cut' definition of a 'Grind' or a 'Boost' mission from Cryptic; that never going to happen (and Cryptic would be foolish to do so.

Why? Lets say Cryptic gives a hard number: 'N', and says:

"Any map with 'N' or more combat group encounters on a map is considered a 'Grind'..."

Then you'll see a number of new missions up on the Foundry with '(N-1)' combat group encounters; loudly proclaiming - "See, not a Grind..."

So, it be handled on a case by case basis, and I'm sure if the author disagrees with an action, he/she can try and get some guidence on how to re-tool and get a mission who had action taken against it by Cryptic to be within trhe EULA, but that would be between Cryptic and teh Author who's mission they took action against.
And if I have a map with a city full of NPCs? Or a map where there's a battle visible outside a window?

I think the question really is whether there's a story to support combat or combat to support a story.

And there's no question with a map designed with an exploit to get an accolade in under 5 minutes, without having to manually kill enemies.

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