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# 1 Trembler 4 NOW LIVE!!!
04-20-2011, 04:34 PM
Trembler 4 by Commadore_Bob
Starfleet Level 31+

Synopsis: You are sent to the Molan System in the Bajor Sector. You are to assist an admiral prepare for a meeting between her and the Cardassian Ambassador. You find that city of Damar. It is a new Cardassian colony within Federation space. While there are some colonists there, most have not arrived yet and the True Way has taken this opportunity to cause some chaos. Defeat the Cardassians and evaluate the situation on the ground.

Moderate ground combat and a good bit of text.

This mission is meant to be played open ended. All objectives appear at the same time so you can decide the best way to roam the city. That is why it is basically a one-map project because doing all of the missions takes a while.

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