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To Cryptic, I like you guys, you've come on so far and out of all the companies I know that make MMO's you care the most, so I would like you guys to make more money as money means more development, the circle of life

I have an and idea for you

Would a free offline down-loadable foundry be cool? / beneficial to Cryptic in any way at all. - if not then read no more....

For those times when:

- You just can't log in for some reason,
- Internet is down,
- Not at your PC
- Just can't get enough of STO...
- Wasting time at work...?
- Got an idea for a cool mission,
- You actually believe you are a science officer and keep finding yourself unable to get a 3G signal to work on your i-Triquarter
- Fail to prove your theory that replicators can make the internet

Considerations: Create a mission and export the details in some kind of file (I assume it can be comprised of a simple config file and check flags etc) ready to be uploaded to the live foundry when you load up your live game.

Could attract more players, might be just the incentive for people to actually buy the game after playing with the editors and creators etc - thus making more revenue increased sales....good all round no?

Make it freely available for all with no catches, people will trust that because you are giving something for free but not expecting anything in return, not even a capture form, perhaps a valid email address would make sense to avoid spam bots or whatever - if the foundry gets updated and the config file is out of date upon upload, might need to include some kind of backwards compatibility / auto update to the config file.... but all in all, people like free stuff and people will use free stuff..... - champions is free and that strategy works for you too, look at linux its free and it works I mean its free and ppl use it and people are willing to contribute to it - the foundy could be like a sto distro of linux (my imagination surprises me),

Making the foundry online only just limits the amount of people that can use it - why limit your customer base?

Think of it this way, people create really cool missions and can test them with no issues, but they can never actually share them or play them until they buy the game, genius.... the mere fact that have already been hooked into something means the hard work is already done - also allows current subscribers more opportunity to do star trek online related stuff, thus improving the likelihood of a renewal in subscription, increasing in the likelihood of conversation between friends "hey I just been creating a mission on the foundry "tool" I have at work, want to play it with me"

There will always be those people that will loath to pay subscription fee's, however giving them something for nothing and denying them to share it without coffing up cash is a good way to capture this end of the market

- the bottom line is you want people to use the foundry, why limit it to online only, sure its an online game, but by creating more opportunities for it to be used to act as an incentive to buy - is not a bad sales strategy.

PS: STO rocks, its getting better and better!


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