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My Google Fu, is failing me... well, perhaps it's more 'over load' than not finding anything, but when I search to find out if I can advance my character doing Foundry missions, I mostly get discussions and debates as to the pro's and cons of allowing player created content to offer rewards.

So, I come to you, my forum brothers and sisters, Can some one tell me how rewards work in the player created content?

If I can't advance my character while doing the missions, I imagine I'll stick to the missions that 'do' advance my toon, until I max out, then go check out the player content.. is that how it works? or, is it viable to play the created content and advance as I play?

how about loot?

Also, I am currious, since I read so much 'debate' as to the 'ruin' of the game if rewards were offered, vs (the position that I find myself in,) no one 'doing' player content, until they max level, how is it working out?

are you happy with the way rewards for player generated content works?

Can it be improved?

Do they need more? Less? is it being abused?

I guess I had lots of questions - but, as I'm just returning to the game, I'm quite exited by the potential to both play and create content.


zWolf -out.

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