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Originally Posted by Capulet View Post
My aliens look indistinguishable to humans. This of course has nothing to do with all the Undine running around.
Ditto. I wanted a Psionic Human, and so I made one.

I had a Hirogen a while, deleted him and used his saved costume to make a bridge officer. Also have an Ocampa on one of my character's crews.
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Some of the alien characters I've created. Only one of them is actually an "original" alien.

Xy'Lns is a member of species that's listed in Federation databanks as "Charybdians," the closest translation of their actual name the Universal Translator (UT) can provide, since her race communicates in sonar-like clicks. The Charybdiands are a race of sentient, amphibious anthropods closely related to crustaceans. Though capable of surviving for hours in a terrestrial environment, Charybdians must return to the water to moisten their gills; some use a special respirator to extend their time out of water. Although Xy'Lyns is often referred to as "she" due to the voice the UT provides her, all Charybdians are hermaphrodites (they have both male and female "parts'). The Charybdian homeworld is known as Scylla on starcharts, an M-class planet with a rich ocean life, but whose continents are little more than vast arid deserts devoid of all but the most primitive plants and micro-organisms. Conditions above the ocean surface are extremely hostile; temperatures can soar well above 60 degrees Celsius and oxygen levels are so low that special equipment is required to explore the landmasses (tri-ox compounds only last a few minutes in these conditions). There is evidence that the Charybdians shared their world with another, sentient race, nominally known as the Scyllans, and the surface was once more habitable. The Scyllans went extinct around the same time an environmental disaster destroyed the land habitants; the cause of either is still under investigation.

Xy'Lyns is one of two characters I wanted to be non-humanoid, but due to the limitations of the Character Creator, I made her apparence as is. In my mind, "she" is more like an semi-erect mantis shrimp than a lanky humanoid with blank eyes.

Ranyk-Tal is supposed to be an Aurelian, a race featured in the TAS series, although, as with the Charybdians, my mind doesn't visualize them as a humanoid race. They are more like proto-birds, having an appearance close to that of Archaeopteryx, but the size secretary birds. Again, the limitations of the Character Creator thwarted me.

A simple, Cardassian/Bajoran hybrid. I know a few posters who could be revolted by the combination. :p

Vahng Otz
Vahng Otz is a Kreetassan, a race featured in a couple of episodes in Star Trek: Enterprise. I figured it would be interesting to add a rather obscure race to the crew of one of my characters.
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04-19-2011, 06:12 PM
Originally Posted by Archanubis
I figured it would be interesting to add a rather obscure race to the crew of one of my characters.
Welcome to why I made an Ocampa.

I actually kind of want a Talaxian BO..... NOT NELIX. A good one.
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04-23-2011, 05:17 PM
Species Name: Vilscaran

Average Lifespan (Earth Years): 2000 (reaches maturity at same rate as Humans then ages very slowly from then on)

Homeworld: Vilscar, located deep in the Gamma Quadrant

Appearance/Physical/Mental/Biological Information: Vilscarans look like Humans, except for their size, Vilscarans average 6' 5" with some members of the species going above that, Vilscarans have exceptionally efficient and powerful muscle mass throughout their body, resulting in increased speed and strength, and have an increased potential intelligence, allowing them to thrive in the unforgiving wilderness of their homeworld before they became more civilised.

Vilscarans are a very emotional race, especially anger, should anyone anger them, they are known to become incredibly violent, almost bestial in nature, not calming down until their quarry is dead or has observed proper apologetic techniques, being so used to violence and anger, they are known to be premium combatants, especially in melee combat, which is still in use within their war tactics because of their skill at lightning fast assaults.

Biologically, Vilscarans are immune to many forms of poison, but are especially weak against sudden changes in temperature, especially sudden cooling, so much so that there are reported incidents of a Vilscaran's blood freezing into solid shards and causing extensive damage to their vascular system when they transported down to an arctic planet. Because of this, Vilscarans will lower or raise the temperature of their ships slowly to better match the conditions on the planet they beam down to, this process is usually done several hours in advance

Cultural Information: Vilscarans are a race of warriors, their culture greatly respects strength, but unlike cultures such as the Klingons or the Hirogen, they do not respect mindless violence, instead they respect strength of will and strength of mind, as well as strength of body, referring to this as "The Trinity of the Warrior". All Vilscarans are not considered fully fledged adults until their 20th birthday, where they must kill a predator native to their homeworld known as a Skildrassa, the Vilscaran in question can use anything they want within the rules to kill a Skildrassa, the rules are as follows:
  1. A Vilscaran cannot use any kind of vehicle, they must face the Skildrassa on foot.
  1. A Vilscaran must face the Skildrassa alone, no help from any living creature is permitted.
  1. A Vilscaran must kill the Skildrassa while a Blood Prelate is present to witness and validate the kill, if a Blood Prelate is not present, the kill is invalid.

Should a Vilscaran ahieve a valid kill, the Blood Prelate present marks the left side of their face with a special tattoo indicating their ascendancy to adulthood, should a Vilscaran fail, they may retry at any date they wish, but they will not be considered a full adult until they have killed a Skildrassa

Vilscarans have a single main religion, known as "Vex'Manna Mordeth" which translates to "Worship of the Harpy Mother", the diety of this religion is usually depicted as a woman with black bird wings and taloned fingers, wearing armour on her body and wings and wearing a haddress decorated with black feathers over her long blonde hair. The "Harpy Mother" is said to be an embodiment of Vilscaran strength and benevolence and is believed to smile upon those of any race or faith who act with courage and wisdom.

Many splinter cells of this religion have been created, but each keep faithful to their core tenets, and each splinter group has always shown great respect to others, beleiving it is an insult to the Harpy Mother to discriminate based on faith. Unlike most religions, Vex'Manna Mordeth requires little of it's followers, only that they follow their instincts and act as honourably as they can in life, those who do are rewarded with great power and knowledge in death.

Techological Information: Vilscarans are master ship builders, one of the first within their corner of the galaxy to master Warp travel, they have gained a reputation as one of the strongest military forces within the Gamma Quadrant, their design practices do not allow for any form of compromise, and an immense military budget has resulted in ships with armour six times as strong as Federation armour per inch of thickness, weapons that can deal devastating damage for minimal energy drain, and has chruned out a variety of designs ranging from agile one man fighters, to Battle Fortresses that dwarf even the V'ger.

All propulsion in Vilscaran vessels is Warp based, however, in contrast to Federation propulsion technology, Vilscarans have forsaken Dilithium crystals for fuel in favour of Ionised Deuterium that has been permeated with Tetryon particles and stored in solid bricks, when in use the Deuterium is liquidised within the Warp core, allowing to exhude energy, giving Vilscaran engines a turqoise glow, most engines are fitted with Deuterium Afterburners, which gives the ship a boost of power during impulse speed by injecting the liquidised Deuterium with excess Tetryon particles, resulting in more energy being released, however it can only be used in short bursts and must be given a few minutes between uses, so as to avoid releasing so much energy that the Warp Core starts to lose containment and breaches.

Vilscarans use multiple types of melee weapon in ground combat, using their speed and armour to survive long enough to get into range, where they use their strength to rend opponents to pieces, firearms are used almost as much as melee tactics, these weapons are usually Antiproton based.

Contact with the Federation: The Vilscarans were unknown to the Federation until a wormhole opened up, this wormhole was similar to the one by Deep Space Nine, except this one opened in Regulus Sector Block, and lead straight to the heart of Vilscaran territory, originally, this wormhole would have closed and opened at random, but the Vilscarans were able to stabilise the wormhole by connecting both ends to a gate, allowing them to open and close the wormhole at will, the Federation sent diplomat after diplomat at the Vilscarans asking for them to become members of the Federation, but all were met with failure, the Vilscarans had no interest in joining the Federation, but were interested in becoming allies to them, so a peace treaty was formed, allowing trade and commerce between the two factions through use of the Wormhole.

As a sign of faith, High General Saldareth Darksabre's son, Krovennan, agreed to apply to Starfleet as a Tactical Officer, this move has been greatly approved of by the Vilscaran people, believing such a selfless move to benefit the Vilscarans to be a shining example to all.
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________________

Ok, I've probably blown enough minds with the length of that, if anyone wants to learn more about the Vilscarans, feel free to PM me in game.

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