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Hey, again.

I just had a report awhile ago of enemies spawning at inappropriate places and times in my mission "Currents Turned Awry".

There are six consoles in a room on the map named "Deck 11". Three spawn Borg enemies. I recently learned that some people are having them spawn all at once rather than as each console is activated. This issue does not occur on my tests, nor does it match what the Foundry toolset says should be happening.

Additionally, there are several other Borg groups which SHOULD spawn a considerable distance from the player which are spawning in the wrong place. Again, this is not what's indicated in the Foundry tool, nor does it happen when I play the mission, either in preview mode or once published. Something is causing enemies to spawn in the wrong place sometimes.

This doesn't appear to be tied to user system specs, at least not in terms of quality of their specs or client settings, but I'm not ruling out the possibility of some geometry data being inconsistent between game clients or being generated differently on different systems or serious lag issues causing confusion depending on what is processed clientside.

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