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I am still stuck in the demo... Haven't paid yet.

I noticed a striking similarity between what the Vulcan (if I'm correct) describes at the beginning of the demo and the Star Trek (J. J. Abrams) scenario.

You know, Romulus destroyed, Romulans mad, own planet destroyed, black hole, et cetera.

Is this intended?
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Lt. Commander
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04-23-2011, 07:26 PM

It is assumed that we are operating within the reality that Spock "left" (CBS). The 2009 movie takes place in an alternate universe (Paramount), where things happened differently, and there are now two Spocks there, one young and one old.

So, Romulus was destroyed here, and Vulcan was destroyed THERE. Which is why we have no Romulus, but we do still have a planet Vulcan.

So for our history, we have Enterprise, TOS, The Movies, TNG, DS9 and VOY. But aside from the destruction of Romulus, the discovery of Red Matter, and the loss of Spock, nothing else that happened in the 2009 movie, happened in our history.

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