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# 1 Station frustration
04-23-2011, 08:19 PM
I'm having the most frustrating time with what should be a simple decision. My mission starts with the players travelling to a starbase to talk to an Admiral. However, it seems like the only starbases I can pick and get anything resembling what's in the Cryptic missions are Starbase 39 Sierra or Deep Space Nine:

Earth Spacedock has both interior and space maps, but Sol System is the only system in Sirius Sector that can't be a doorway. Plus the space map is of the old ESD.

K7 has no maps. You can place a K7 object on a space map, but you're still stuck with no interior.

Celes I can duplicate the exterior and interior OK, but it's freakin' tiny, no way a full Admiral would be there.

Pretty much left with 39 and 9, which is fine, except my mission is Klingon Front, so I hate to send people haring off to the other side of the quadrant. Anybody got any ideas about what I'm missing? Any Cryptics planning on making Sol a door and fixing the space map, or adding a K7 interior map?

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