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# 1 Foundry 1 enemy a ggroup
04-24-2011, 04:48 AM
im talken holdoeck server and ive seen this done so im wondering HOW?
what im wanting to do is to take get to a point in my mission and when an enemy beams down (or warps in)theres only one(group or not(me)). and you have to kill that one pearson to finish the mission aka its a objective so im talken talk to the ship contack and a dreadnaght warps in or you get some on out of jail and the warden shows up(un guarded or freinded) anouther is theres a guy in the middle of the room i talk to him i say the wrong thing and a single guard pops up and he has to die befor i can try agian
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04-24-2011, 06:49 AM
The only single-entity enemy mobs atm I know of are certain animals. (Targ, Selaths). You can assign them a humanoid skin of course, but they will not work correctly.
There used to be a trick that work both for your own landing party and enemy groups. Which was to place them in a way they spawn outside the map and fall to their death. This to my knowledge does not work at all anymore... They are spawned at the closest safe spot on the map.

So in short: No, I do not know any good way atm to make this possible. I would be curious if someone else found one.

In the end I guess all we can do is wait for Cryptic to allow status changes for contacts and to introduce single entity spawns. Along with a lot of other things, but, well: Foundry is a Beta 5 version. For that it is working quite well already.
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# 3
04-24-2011, 08:59 AM
What we need is a Mob Creator...
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04-24-2011, 09:59 AM
What the author probably did is this:

Take enemy group and take everyone BUT the FIRST actor and move them in a remote place in the map, a place that 99% of the time the player won't get to. If you're paranoid put those group members within 4 invisible walls or what not. When your mission plays only the 1 actor (or one hostile) spawns at the spot you want, the rest goes in the remote area.

If you want it to be an objective it gets trickier. You have to spawn an enemy or hostile group to the remote location to kill the other actors/spawn for you. And you have to make it overwhelmingly advantageous for the enemy group so that your objective gets achieved.

It's a tedious workaround.

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