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It looks like when you'ev part way through a mission and look at your in progress screen for that mission the text in the box, the green mission text is static, that is, it shows you the goal of the initial phase of the mission.

It would be nice if when continuing a mission that text would be updated to the CURRENT mission objective. So, if you've completed 3 objectives and haev one objective left to go, it should show you the green mission text for the 4th objective in your In Progress screen under the J key, rather than showing the first mission objective. I'd think that would be helpful.

Also, when continuing a mission that warps you to different planets, do you have to continue from the original planet you started at even if you've completed several objectives that already warped you to other planets? Or can you travel to the current objective's planet and 'continue' from there? It would be kind of nice if you could continue from either the original point or from the point you're currently at if it's a different location from where you originally entered the mission. Not sure how it works currently. I think you have to rejoin at the original place you started it?

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